The ServerLift SL500 is an electronic lifting and transportation device for servers and other rack mounted equipment used in data center environments. The SL500 was designed to easily navigate through narrow aisles and fit under low doorways, while its telescoping mast raises the shelf to a maximum height of 96". A stabilizing brake and side shifting platform help make the SL500 the only server handling product that enables safe and efficient server installation and migration—even by one person. The SL500 is the standard for safety in IT, and is in use in many the top corporations, financial institutions, universities, and governmental agencies in the U.S. and around the world.

Raytech’s product development team designed the lift, its packaging, its corporate identity and graphical layout of the web site. Raytech’s mechanical design team assembled the first prototype; working alongside ServerLift’s founding members. Raytech also provided procurement and logistics services until the company grew large enough to hire its own procurement staff.

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