Problem / Opportunity:

There are many accidents caused by vehicles backing out in parking lots due to increased traffic and the obstruction of your view from cars and SUVs parked beside your vehicle. Even cars equipted with rear-view cameras don't help to see cars or pedestrians approaching from the side.

The inventor of the ScopeOut® system approached Raytech with a concept for a set of mirrors that would mount on the trunk of a sedan and provide the driver a side view of the lane behind the vehicle, eliminating the need to back up "blind".


The ScopeOut vehicle safety system enables drivers to see a wide angle view of traffic and pedestrians approaching the area behind the vehicle from the sides, before backing out of parking spaces—particularly important when parked next to large vehicles or other obstructions. The ScopeOut also provides a view into a vehicle's blind spot for changing lanes. The ScopeOut SUV and sedan versions were designed for simple installation and adjustability by the average user.


Raytech provided conceptual designs, mockups, and functional prototypes for the sedan version, designed the product for manufacturing, and constructed a painted prototype which was tested on the inventor's vehicle. The design was refined by Raytech's design and engineering staff. The same process was used for the SUV version. For each product, Raytech provided product engineering, materials research, product testing, quality inspection, and post-production manufacturing support.

The designs for the ScopeOut sedan and SUV versions were used to demonstrate and license the product to Sense Technologies.

In addition to the product development, Raytech provided packaging design and branding for the ScopeOut product line. Sense Technologies was so pleased with the packaging designs that they asked Raytech to co-brand their back-up alarm systems and provide the packaging design for those systems as well.