Problem / Opportunity:

The founders of Big Daddy Driver, LLC approached Raytech with a desire to create a fun, stylized golfing novelty product that will be entertaining to the buyer and recipient of the product. The desired embodiment of this solution was to look like a driver with a fully functional grass trimming solution to “get out of the rough”.


The resulting design included was a product that from a distance, looked like a driver, but from a functional perspective, could make way for a stray ball that finds its way into any rough. This AA-battery powered trimmer was created with the end-user as the focal point – providing both a fun and a safe experience. The resulting product solution has received great publicity from notable publications and celebrities including Golf Today Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Ellen Degeneres, and is currently being sold across the US and Europe.

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This design solution was to be based on two critical elements: the core claims of the product patent and industrial design parameters and human factors elements for the intended market segment.

Raytech’s design team worked closely with the client in the development of stylized enclosure forms and safety features for the product. The innovation process included focusing on mechanical and design alternatives for the device, keeping in mind risk factors for mis-triggering the cutter, and providing an appropriate shaft length for ease of use by the intended segment. After two form evaluations and a strategic evaluation on how to value-engineer the product packaging, a packaged product solution was selected and the product was launched.

Raytech’s design team was intimately involved with the production support of the device until full release of the tooled components.