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Raytech Corporation is a global, full-service product design and development firm that provides comprehensive, user and client-centered new product development services that help get our clients’ products to market with higher impact, lower risk and greater success.

The creative services and extensive end-to-end experience of our staff boosts the success of clients with new product development and product launch support since 1995. Raytech provides product development services from market research, to industrial design, engineering, graphic design, packaging design, through production support.

Our full product lifecycle view of customer needs and wants, engineering, part and mold design, processing, fabrication and marketing, identifies issues and opportunities well before your final product ends up in the hands of users. The results for our clients are new products that can be manufactured, are impactful and that have high user functionality and satisfaction.
Raytech Corporation Market Research

Raytech uses proven qualitative research techniques fully understand a product’s lifecycle based on users’ perspectives, from the purchasing decision through use, and finally through product expiration and recycling. Our process reveals new opportunities and how planned product offerings will address user needs versus currently available solutions. 

+ Segmentation Analysis
+ Image and Awareness Studies
+ Market Penetration, Product Roll-out Strategy
+ Concept Testing and Evaluation
+ Contextual Research (Observational + Experiential)
+ User-Centered Research (Observational + Interviews)
+ Segment Scenario Building
+ Human Factors Evaluation
+ Usability Studies
+ Focus Groups (Stakeholder Insight Studies)
+ Product (and Concept) Evaluations
+ Voice of Customer Studies (Single and Multi-market)

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Raytech Corporation Product Development

The Product Development team at Raytech provides a range of industrial design and new product development related services. The design process includes conceptual development, design brainstorming sessions, systematic concept refinement, CAD development, prototyping and further design enhancement. Our product development team maintains involvement through first-part production in order to help maintain design integrity into production.

+ Conceptual Development
+ Form Studies
+ Physical Prototypes
+ Design for Manufacturing
+ Product Visualization

Our product development approach helps clients understand and enhance the user experience. This helps them build brand loyalty by providing a product roadmap based on positive experiences that have been identified in the research findings. Product managers can relate to our step-by-step approach that considers research on the front end and the ability to productively manufacture the part on the back end.

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Raytech Corporation Production Support

Our Product Development team incorporates manufacturability of the new product into every design. We help clients optimize production chain factors such as manufacturing capacity, materials availability, vendor reliability, and total "in the box" cost and scheduling. This often includes product prototyping and other manufacturing support.

+ Assembly Procedures
+ Sub-assembly Kitting
+ Work Instructions
+ Vendor Qualification
+ Bid Evaluation
+ Tooling and First Article Qualification
+ Production Management

Utilizing Raytech Corporation for these services allows our clients’ management to focus on core activities involved with their business and other aspects of product launch. Our ability to work from end-to-end gives our clients flexibility to pick and choose precisely how they best would like our help: full service or any part of the process.

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